Extreme Adventure: Conquering the Ropes and Living the Ninja Warrior Experience


“I am never bungee jumping again or attempting any activity that will scare the hell out of me like that,” I swore to myself in December 2016 when I had gone to Jinja for a excursion.

But the buzz about the about ropes courses, ziplining and the variety of games at Extreme Adventure Park in Busika couldn’t allow me honour what I swore to self. Mans needed to get a feel.

The park, located in Busika, Luweero District is about one hour’s drive away from the capital Kampala and on a weekend (when traffic is not heavy) time taken on the road could be less.

It is located a few meters off Gayaza road, in the Motorsport Arena of Uganda within Busika village, about 40 kilometers from Kampala capital city.

“Don’t hold back; have as much fun as you possibly can,” said one of park’s administrators as she flagged us off from the park’s administrative office in Kololo, Kampala.

“By the way, we have a gift for whoever will complete all the three levels of the ropes course,” she added before we hit the road.

I am travelling with some of the top social media influencers in Kampala and friends from my early campus days.

It’s a Friday morning and Thursday being a reggae themed night at one of Kampala’s biggest night spots, the reggae fanatic that I am had had a long night before, but still, I was ready to conquer in all challenges.

We arrive at the park at around 11AM and are welcomed by the donkeys grazing in a farm opposite the park.

From sack races, paint ball battles, bungee trampoline high ropes element course and ziplining, the park is equipped to give you a thrill as well as help in team building for both the young and the old.


Battle ready soldiers before the paint ball challenge.

Its 3:00PM and we are done with the other challenges. It’s time to take on the famous ropes course that ends with a 100 metres ziplining.

At first glance, the setup of the course is similar to that of the renowned TV Show Ninja Warrior. It is presented in levels each having a different level of challenge with Level 3 being the most challenging.  The rope challenge and zip line is a body as well as mind challenge.

Our guide, Levi Kamya briefed us before giving us the safety gear.

Each participant is provided with a safety-head helmet and dressed in turgid rope pant with ropes and clips that you hook on the central cable also referred to as the life line.

This runs across all the levels and here the principle rule is to always have your harness clips hooked to the central cable.

Clad in all this gear, Kamya took us to a brief demonstration line where we were trained and given all necessary regulations to adhere to.

During the training we were shown how to use the clips and instructed on how best we could win the different challenges.

In not so long, the guys had already started the challenge. I was the last person to climb up the ropes.


Yours truly, right in the middle of the action

Ahead of me was Don Atungisa, a fellow writer from online publication; The Tower Post. I braved the first stage of the ropes course amid cheers from my colleagues.

Honestly, not many of them thought I would finish that stage; neither did I. But the love of ziplining and morale by Atungisa kept me going until I was at the zipline take off point.

The takeoff point is about 25 feet off the ground.

There, I stood, fumbling with the ball-bearing pulley that is attached to my waist, skeptically vibrating the stiff wire above my head, and preparing to jump.

“Clear!” came a call from Kamya, below on the ground.

“Ready to roll!” I shouted with bravado.

“Zip away!” came the call from below, and off I vaulted into the air.

“Yoooooo …!” I screamed with excitement and freight at the same time.

Emboldened and energized, I let go of the ropes, spread out my arms and legs, flying down the zip line — hanging completely upside down before righting myself for landing with circus-worthy meticulousness.

So the afternoon went. I looked as relieved as the acrobat who fell safely on the safety net.

While my colleagues took on the next level, I volunteered to take pictures, knowing I was done.

Only one of them proceeded and finished level three and was awarded a certificate of completion. A few finished level two while most of us stopped at level one.


Extreme restaurant makes good pizza which you can enjoy with a cold Nile Special in the evening.

Ziplines are not a very common phenomenon in Uganda and are only found in specific areas including Jinja, Kabale among others.

When you visit Uganda and in particular Extreme Adventure Park, I recommend that you take on the ropes course because scary though it is, there is that self-satisfaction you get after the zipline.

Another exercise I would so much recommend is the paint ball battle but my experience wasn’t the best since I was shot twice in very short time. Paint ball is a challenge where you mimic military commandos in a battle field.

The park also offers cottages for accommodation; a well-stocked bar and a full time restaurant to keep you covered 360.

The cottages sleep four persons or a family of four and have been tastefully furnished to meet the traveler’s needs.

Offering a spacious living room, fully furnished kitchen and bathroom facilities, while in the cottages a guest is allowed to make their own meals or order from the restaurant.


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